Are your daily eating habits aligning with your long-term vision, including your health?

One of my worst nightmares is losing my health while pursuing my dream.

I used to think I had time and ignored my body begging for attention because there was always something to do.

Until I fell asleep while doing a PT session…

Yep…That’s the true story from 2020…

Luckily I nodded off just for a second but it had never happened before and I was pretty shocked and scared thinking about what was next…

It was when I just started my online business and signed up for a program promising fast results and hard work was expected…

I would hear things like ”I only sleep 4 hours, otherwise, I feel like I waste my day” or ”I only eat once a day, I have so much to do” and thought that this is something everyone does because there is no success without sacrifice.

So I tried to be up at 5 am to do one of my fasted workouts (anyone remembers 75 Hard?), meditate, write my affirmations, journal about gratitude…

I wish I could say that after this ”sleeping beauty” incident my life immediately became very balanced, but it’s not true.

It took me some time to establish a routine that involves balanced nutrition that fuels my energy throughout the day.

In the meantime, I saw people hitting burnout, talking about ”adrenal fatigue”, taking breaks from their businesses or quitting completely.

What I learnt was that my health will not wait!

That without the proper fuel I will not go far.

I made a promise to myself that it would be my priority.

As cliche as it sounds ”health is wealth” and nothing is worth losing it.

I remember reading this quote ”Listen to your body’s whispers before they become screams.”

Today, no matter how busy I get, I find the time to make healthy choices that give me energy and make me better at running my business and now I’m going to share it all with you!

If you are a fempreneur who wants to know how to have balanced meals that will keep you energised and focused the whole day without relying on coffee and sugary snacks this is for you!

Prioritising your well-being inside and out will pave the way for living your best life and creating the business you’ve always dreamed of.

Join my free masterclass and learn healthy eating strategies for women in business that don’t take much time but are essential for your immune system and help your body and brain function properly.



Here’s what you can expect:

Learn how to plan the meals that will not take forever to make and will nourish your body and brain so you can focus on doing the work you love!

Discover how to curb cravings and maintain energy levels throughout the day without relying on caffeine or sugar. No more endless trips to the kitchen cupboard looking for a ”quick fix!”

Gain insights into the link between diet, productivity, and overall well-being, helping you stay focused, energized, and successful in your business.

In today’s “Google it” era, it’s tough to figure out what’s genuinely good for us with so much contradicting information but when you are a woman running a business it’s crucial you nail down the right approach so food can become your superpower!


our health isn’t guaranteed!

Don’t let unhealthy eating habits hold you back!