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confident and healthy life!


Strong Mind and Fit Body Club

A community for women who choose themselves

Are you tired of putting yourself last on the never-ending to-do list?

Do you find yourself thinking:  “I’ll take care of my health when I have more time”?

But deep down, you know that neglecting your health comes at a price.

You hear stories about sicknesses of family members, colleagues or friends, and you think for a moment ”I need to look better after my health”, but then life takes over.

I’m here to tell you it’s time to prioritize YOU!

Why am I so passionate about  healthy habits?

I used to believe that our health was solely dictated by our genetics and saw it as a reason for my poor blood test results like increased cholesterol and triglycerides.

But then I met people who, against all odds, lived healthy and happy lives.

I challenged my belief and discovered the true potential of our bodies and our choices.

Our choices—our daily habits, our nutrition, our exercise routines—have a profound impact on our well-being, far beyond what I ever imagined.

So here I am today committed to guiding and inspiring others on their own health journeys.

Side note – the ”side effect” of this journey is the body you are proud of!

Strong Mind and Fit Body Club is much more than a membership with workouts, although I host regular classes and already have over 30 exercise videos in the library!

I believe that to create lasting changes and never give up on ourselves we need a strong mindset combined with self-love, compassion, and understanding.

My membership is a judgement free zone.

You won’t hear from me: “You either want it or you don’t.”

I understand that motivation fluctuates, life happens, and it’s okay to struggle at times.

I will meet you where you are and provide the support and resources to help you move forward with love and resilience.

you can get instant access to the club today

for only £49 a month!

what the members say about the club:

“Ania’s membership is the best investment I’ve ever made! The variety of workouts, nutrition, and mindset advice has helped me completely transform my health and fitness journey. I’m so grateful for Ania and what she’s created.” Daniela

Ania’s membership helps a lot to stay into routine. With variable hours at work, I can not make regular appointments with a personal trainer. When i do, it is always a stress because of lack of time, traffic, or other circumstances.
This membership gives me the opportunity to work out at any time and anyplace with the variety of exercises that I can choose from.”
Many thanks to Ania! Grazzie


”I joined Ania’s Strong Mind and Fit Body club just last month. Already I feel a difference in my body! I do my best to attend the live workout sessions via Zoom each week, because I need the accountability. Ania’s workouts are great – they definitely work you out, but she gives you easy-to-follow instructions and lots of water breaks. I can put my hand on my heart and tell you that in only 4 weeks I feel fitter, and I am stronger. I’m beginning to fit into clothes that I previously couldn’t wear. The camaraderie with the other members is super, and I love knowing that if I have any questions or need to adjust anything to suit my body, I can ask Ania in the group. Her knowledge of fitness and nutrition is second to none. Come and join us!”

Debi Barr

”I joined Ania’s Unstoppable challenge in June and consequently joined her Strong Mind and Fit Body membership. It’s not just about exercise but also about what we feed our minds and the stories we tell ourselves. The guest experts are really inspiring and knowledgeable too, talking about nutrition, supplements, and body types just to name a few. If you can’t make the live workouts there are lots of pre-recorded workouts in the dashboard for all levels of fitness. Thanks to Ania, I am now making time to exercise and eating nutritious food which is ultimately improving my health.”

Nadine Ingle

”I joined the strong mind and fit body club two weeks ago and it was a great decision. After over-indulging on holiday, I knew I wanted to make a change and finally get fit and feel good about myself. I had a gym membership but wasn’t going consistently because the classes didn’t fit with my work schedule, and I was too intimidated to go to the actual gym. I joined the club initially for accountability but have gained so much more. I felt welcomed in the group straight away and didn’t feel intimidated at all. Ania explained everything clearly and recommended exercises to help me reach my goals and she shared recipe ideas which will help me too. The live workouts are fun, motivating and keep me accountable. There are also so many useful trainings around mindset, which have already helped me to think differently about exercise and nutrition. I finally feel I can achieve my fitness goals with Ania’s support. Thank you!”

Sarah Spicer

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of Monthly Plan £49 a month

  • Live and On-demand workouts

  • Weekly Mastermind Zoom calls

  • Group experts training

  • Safe space to celebrate, share your wins and support each other

  • Dashboard – instant access to Exercise, Nutrition and Mindset pieces of training 

  • Minimum 3 months commitment

  • Join by the end of Sunday the 21st of April and you’ll get a personalised fitness program that I’ll design for you after having a virtual personal training session with you! (value £129)

Annual plan £588

  • Live and On-demand workouts

  • Weekly Mastermind Zoom calls

  • Group experts training

  • Safe space to celebrate, share your wins and support each other

  • Dashboard – instant access to Exercise, Nutrition and Mindset pieces of training

  • Fully personalised fitness programs for 3 months delivered in a special app and 3 virtual personal training sessions!

  • Join by the end of Sunday to receive 3 powerful timeline therapy sessions to remove blocks that might be holding you back valued at £450! 

Annual VIP £1500

  • Live and On-demand workouts

  • Weekly Mastermind Zoom calls

  • Group experts training

  • Safe space to celebrate, share your wins and support each other

  • Dashboard – instant access to Exercise, Nutrition and Mindset pieces of training

  • Fully personalised fitness programs delivered in a special app and updated every month.

  • Virtual personal training sessions every time the programs will be changed for maximum results!

  • 6 timeline therapy sessions to remove mindset blocks that might be holding you back!

  • Join by the end of Sunday, the 21st of April and receive Breakthrough Sessions as a bonus to eliminate blocks and negative emotions like anger, fear, hurt, guilt and sadness to empower you to literally break through previously held limitations and achieve your true potential! (value £1800!!!)

You have the power to determine how you will feel every day and how you will live the rest of your life!

  some of the workouts that will be available for you the moment you join

some of the guest expert training we had so far

I started working with Ania in April 2021 and I have lost 22kg in 7 months.

My goal was to lose weight and generally adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Because of the pandemic and the lockdowns I was physically tired and mostly emotionally drained.

We also started immediately with the timeline therapy.

I did not expect at all that a lot of my limiting beliefs about myself were sabotaging me in achieving my goals.

The sessions not only helped me lose weight but also made me see another side of myself that I did not know existed.

Thoughts that were inside that I have not realized that have been holding me back.

They might come forth from time to time, but now I know what they are and can immediately recognize them and debunk them!

I have also started wearing different clothes, not only baggy ones, clothes that fit my figure. And I am more confident and feel better in my skin.

There is always progress to be made, I am very thankful for the work and for Ania!

And I am very happy that I have her by my side on this journey.