Summer Body Makeover

 8 Week live program to feel confident and sexy on the beach in your dream body.

Are you a woman who wants this summer:


A body that you’re proud of ?


Feel sexy and confident on the beach?


Improve your health and have tons of energy?


Are you ready to
kickstart a long-lasting habits?

Are you tired of quitting on yourself?

Do you complain about your body, but don’t have time to exercise?

Do you ever delete pictures from your holidays or don’t want to wear a bikini?

Do you want to improve your food habits and learn how to fuel your body to feel full without relying on sugary snacks?

I’m here to tell you it’s time to shift your mindset and love your body this summer!

I’ve created the ”Summer Body Makeover” group program because I know how frustrating it is if we can’t wear the clothes we want and end up wearing the same ”safe” outfit all the time.



Transform your mind and body

Get tons of energy

Understand and love your body

I used to struggle with my weight.

I tried different diets and exercised 7 times per week but never saw long –  lasting results.

At some point I realized that physical changes were not enough, that’s why I started looking at my mindset, discovering my self – sabotage, limiting beliefs, learning that there was more under the surface.

After doing the inner work and removing limiting beliefs and self – sabotage, I now look after myself because I know I deserve to be the healthiest and the happiest version of myself.

I’m super excited to be able to combine my fitness and nutrition coaching with timeline therapy breakthrough sessions where we uncover the root cause of the problem and remove it to make sustainable changes.



What is included?

Personalised fitness plan delivered in a special app – you will know what to do every time you train, it’s like having a personal trainer in your pocket!

Nutritional guidance – how to eat to nourish the body without feeling deprived

Weekly Live Zoom Calls

Facebook Inner Circle access

Private sisterhood of women building their dream health and body