Let me show you how to have a bulletproof mindset to go after your dreams and never quit on yourself again!

Does it sound familiar?


  • You’ve tried every diet and fitness program but can’t stay consistent for more than a couple of weeks

  • You use food to numb your emotions

  • You often feel burned

  • You eat salads throughout the week and binge on the weekends

  • You never or hardly ever do weight training because you don’t know how

  • You are confused with all the ‘’carbs are bad’’, ‘’only meat’’, ‘’only plants’’ information we are bombarded with every day and you don’t even know who to trust anymore

  • You gave up or a close to giving up on your dreams to lose weight/create the body you are proud of

But deep down you want to:


  • Improve the way you eat but don’t want to follow a new fad diet

  • Get back to balance after the summer holiday

  • To be healthy and energised so everyday tasks are easier

  • Have the mindset that will help you to go through whatever life brings without sacrificing your wellbeing

  • Know how to move your body in ways that make you feel good

  • Ditch the habits that ruin your health

  • Get in shape and feel happy and comfortable in your skin

  • Learn how to improve your daily life without being overwhelmed (wake up at 5 am, do yoga, sauna, etc.)

  • Get over your mental blocks that led to self–sabotage in the past

  • Be proud of yourself and learn how to be kind to yourself when life gets in the way

Losing weight and keeping it off was a great achievement for me and gave me confidence to reach for more, expecting more from myself and the world around.

Every day activities are easier if you are in shape, sleep well and know how to regulate your emotions without reaching for food.

If you join my UNSTOPPABLE challenge you will get a clarity how to create long lasting results, starting from the inside.

Fitness and nutrition will be the part of this challenge, but MINDSET will be the most important, often forgotten piece.

Being in good shape is a sign you keep promises to yourself.

It’s a form of self – care and self – respect.

Weight loss can be simple, but it’s up to you to become a person who keeps your word to yourself and become UNSTOPPABLE!

Eating healthy and exercising more it’s not enough.

If you find yourself losing motivation, finding excuses why you can’t exercise and even self sabotage, it’s time to work on your MINDSET!


There are no quick fixes! Lifestyle supporting your health and dream body need to become your lifestyle.




  • Live Coaching with me

  • Daily Workout videos

  • Mindset tools

  • Nutrition guidance and recipes






  • Where your food drama comes from and how to overcome it

  • How to stop breaking the promises you made to yourself

  • How to create healthy habits instead of restrictions

  • How to prioritize yourself without feeling selfish

  • How to deal with emotional eating

As a person who was struggling with yo-yo dieting I can relate to your insecurities and fears.

This challenge will combine body love with accountability and taking action!

Instead of focusing on a number on scale you will rediscover how to life your best, fullest life where you are in charge of how you feel about yourself!