Your Body In Your Hands

Power hour session for your personalised path to wellness

Are you tired of one-size-fits-all diets and exercise plans that don’t suit your unique lifestyle?

Do you feel like you will never be healthy and happy unless you completely change your life and it feels so overwhelming that you don’t even start?

We’ve been bombarded with so much information on social media that we may feel that we have to have everything ”optimised” and ”maximised” or we will not see any difference.

The ”perfect” diet or fitness program doesn’t exist.

Don’t let thoughts like ”I don’t want to stop eating sweets” or ”I can’t exercise 5 times a week” convince you that you can’t make a difference in how your body feels and looks.

The ”all or nothing” attitude will not take you far.


Small dietary changes over time, moving your body and improving your relationship with yourself will bring the results you are looking for and I’m here to show you how to start!

This power hour session is all about putting the power of change right where it belongs – in your hands!

Moving your body in the way you enjoy it: Together, we will create an exercise plan tailored to your fitness level, preferences and daily routine.

No forced diets: I’m aware that certain diets produce fast results but I’m all about sustainability and enjoying food while improving your health.

Lifestyle-Friendly: I get it – life can be hectic. If you are a new mum I won’t be telling you that you need to sleep between 7 to 9 hours but no matter where you start I’ll give you tools and practical strategies for long-term success.

Dear Ania,
I wanted to thank you for the fantastic 8 weeks spent in your programme.

During these 8 weeks I have not just learnt to appreciate exercising more to the point that I really enjoyed some of the workouts when I hated them before – but also I have fully discovered the benefits of intermittent fasting and its now part of my lifestyle.

I feel my head clearer, my energy levels are higher and on top of that, I have lost 4.5 kg!!!

I’m thrilled. I love the way you tailored this programme to make it enjoyable and effective for me.



The 90 day transformation program with Ania was amazing.

Ania has a gentle way of holding space so that you feel important, that your concerns are valid and that she understands you.

Her continual support throughout the program was pivotal to its success.

Her knowledge around body image, food, dieting, exercise and most importantly mindset is exceptional.

By undertaking this program, I was able to understand so much more about why I choose the foods I do, and the impact of emotions and mindset around eating and exercising.

I love that I no longer see exercise as a chore, rather as a way to love myself and as part of my self care routine.

I would not hesitate to recommend this program!


I joined Ania’s Unstoppable challenge in June and consequently joined her Strong Mind and Fit Body membership.

It’s not just about exercise but also about what we feed our minds and the stories we tell ourselves.

The guest experts are really inspiring and knowledgeable too, talking about nutrition, supplements, and body types just to name a few.

If you can’t make the live workouts there are lots of pre-recorded workouts in the dashboard for all levels of fitness.

Thanks to Ania, I am now making time to exercise and eating nutritious food which is ultimately improving my health.