Ania Karbowska

Mind & body coach helping women to lose weight and love themselves

I’m a personal trainer & NLP Master practitioner and I help women across the globe to overcome yo-yo dieting, binge eating and truly love themselves through 1:1 fitness, nutrition and mindset coaching.

I help women to lead happy, healthy lifestyle.

My story


I used to struggle with my weight.

I tried different diets and exercised 7 times per week but never saw long –  lasting results.

At some point I realized that physical changes were not enough, that’s why I started looking at my mindset, discovering my self – sabotage, limiting beliefs, learning that there was more under the surface.

After doing the inner work and removing limiting beliefs and self – sabotage, I now look after myself because I know I deserve to be the healthiest and the happiest version of myself.

I’m super excited to be able to combine my fitness and nutrition coaching with timeline therapy breakthrough sessions where we uncover the root cause of the problem and remove it to make sustainable changes.

Some of my clients’ transformations

Ania and all the ladies gave me the motivation and support which I didn’t realize could be given online! It was very helpful and motivating knowing I wasn’t alone. After the first month I started to see the difference, not only in my body but also in my mind. I’ve become more organised, confident and happy!


I’ve lost 8kg, which I thought I would never lose. I’ve learned not only about fitness and exercises but also what to eat and how eating habits can impact. Moreover, this program teaches me how to be positive in life and about my body, encouraging exercise and a healthy lifestyle. I’m very satisfied with the outcome!


“Opportunities don’t happen, you create them.”

I’m so happy I joined the Strong Mind and Fit Body program! Ania gave me so much help in understanding the mental loops I used to fall into when I have cravings, and motivated me to exercise. After the program I’m ready to follow up my diet and love myself more. I highly recommend!
Elisa, Italy

Dear Ania I wanted to thank you for the fantastic 8 weeks spend in your programme. During this 8 weeks I have not just learnt to appreciate exercising more- to the point that I really enjoyed some of the workouts when I hated them before – but also I have fully discovered the benefits of intermittent fasting and it’s now part of my lifestyle. I feel me head clearer, my energy levels are higher and on top of that I have lost 4.5 kg!!!???????????? I’m thrilled. I love the way you tailored this programme to make it enjoyable and effective to me. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU ????????????????

Hi Ania! Just to let you know that my weight is still going down after the programme. I was at 63 kg and now I’m reaching 59 and feel…lighter ???? Also my mobility is much better- I noticed I can easily hop on the motorbike with J. (it has a very high seat!). And all that from not even applying myself 100% to the course ????????????


The 90 day transformation program with Ania was amazing. Ania has a gentle way of holding space so that you feel important, that your concerns are valid and that she understands you.
Her continual support throughout the program was pivotal to its success.
Her knowledge around body image, food, dieting, exercise and most importantly mindset is exceptional.
By undertaking this program, I was able to understand so much more about why I choose the foods I do, and the impact of emotions and mindset around eating and exercising. I love that I no longer see exercise as a chore, rather as a way to love myself and as part of my self care routine.
I would not hesitate to recommend this program!



Ania is an amazing coach, not only is her knowledge about food, nutrition and exercise great but more importantly, she was able to make me dive deep into what was the mindset that was stopping me from doing what I knew I should be doing. Her approach is straightforward and honest combined with a deep understanding of extra layers that women work through and a huge amount of compassion, insight and integrity. She simplifies the complex and continues to re-evaluate progress. I would highly recommend Ania if you are looking for a coach who can not just help you transform your body, but uncover what is stopping you from being the woman you want to be.


Belinda P.

Ania’s 12 Week body transformation opened up so much within myself and my ability to understand the deep-rooted issues of why I was sabotaging myself.
Having been in the fitness industry before, I realised I had to reignite a healthy love between myself, food and exercise.
Ania held such a safe container to express Ourselves and was such a wealth of knowledge between food and exercise.
I was so honoured to be part of this tribe she created and the wisdom, guidance and level of professionalism he has!
Ania made each and everyone feel so incredibly safe, motivated and it really was well rounded; mind, body and spirit!


Becken xx

My coaching with Ania has been about so much more than just getting physically fit and strong. It’s become about increasing my personal power in all areas of my life. It’s become about letting go and transforming limiting beliefs. It’s become about choosing myself in everything I do. Physical fitness and power turned out to be a natural byproduct of this work and its ripple effects will surely keep unfolding in the next weeks and months. I have made significant changes in my habits and way of being after such a long time of being stuck. I have reconnected with myself more fully. Thank you so much, Ania, for everything! ❤️


I had the best time working with Ania. She is not only a fantastic coach but also a wonderful person. She has transformed my life. I ‘ve struggled with a lack of sleep. Low motivation, and self-esteem. Ania has helped me change my habits and improved my life. Last holiday, I felt great in a bikini, without caring that I don’t look like a model. I love my body and am grateful for everything that I have. Thank you so much, Ania!

Daniela S.

I was always slim but never toned. As soon as I met Ania I knew she was going to be the perfect trainer for me. She is very caring and very motivating, something I consider very important in achieving your goals. She focuses in the areas you want to improve the most on your body. After a few sessions with Ania I immediately felt more energized and after almost two years of training together I can say that I would not change her for the world. My body keeps improving day by day and the results are more and more satisfying.Thank you for making exercising so much fun.

Danae Varangis

I have been in and out of training centers over the years trying to get fit and for various reasons I have always stopped after a little while, either running out of motivation or injuring myself from practicing the wrong training techniques. I have trained with Anna for 3 years and she has helped me to get and to keep the motivation as well as taught me how to train properly on my own. With Anna’s help I have been able to go from being really unfit to participating in a Tough Mudder event. If you are looking to get fit and lack motivation for training or both, I am sure Anna can help you as she is helping me.

Thor Grefslie

When I first met Anna I made it very clear I didn’t mind a bit of tough love and was not adverse to a bit of pain to achieve a supermodel body!!, however this did no extend to my stomach or my non existent stomach muscles which had not seen any form of exercise during their then 31 years. Was Anna listening to my instructions? clearly not, as I now have some fierce stomach muscles which I hate to admit but am very happy and proud of!
Anna and I have been training together for the past three and half years now and the results have been very pleasing, apart from my tummy, my whole body is now lovely and toned and I have a great level of fitness. I have a stressful job so seeing Anna helps keep me sane with the additional rewards of keeping fit and enjoying a much more positive body image.
Anna makes working out fun by mixing it up, keeping you motivated and kicking your butt – you will also have a few laughs along the way!

Natalie Rowell

I have found Ania to be very encouraging and positive, her sessions have always left me motivated. It has been hard at times but Ania has not given up on me and now my attitude towards training has changed. I feel healthier, sleep better and do not feel lethargic like I use to do. I am also in the process of loosing a lot of weight. Thank you Ania.

Faiza Ahmad

I have been Anna’s client for over 3 years and what I enjoy most about our training sessions is that she continues to introduce new exercises, so that no two training sessions are the same. As a result, my training routine is not mundane and this helps to keep my interest in the training program.
She has helped me reach specific goals, such as preparing for a ski holiday. She designed a training regime that strengthened my leg muscles and improved my balance to the point where I was not sore at the end of the long days, while the more experienced skiers in my group were complaining about their aching muscles.
Anna’s encouraging and patient disposition makes our training sessions an enjoyable experience. She has a passion for exercise and I highly recommend her as a personal trainer.


As someone who has trained with a number of personal trainers over the last two years, what has struck me most each time I do so with someone else, is how much I appreciate Ania. From the very first session, it is as if she knew instantly what I was capable of, and what exercises would be well-suited to my body type and goals. She has always been well-prepared and all her routines are thought-out and considered which enabled me to quickly recognise what a huge difference working out with her made. Training sessions have always been effective and varied to prevent boredom. Ania is also an expert in the little things that make the workout better, such as never losing count despite maintaining a conversation, and providing support and motivation. She is the best personal trainer I have had and I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Phoebe Lim

I have been lucky enough to have been personally trained by Ania for over six months.
Before I started my personal training with Ania I was struggling to get into the way of exercising regularly even though I knew that it would benefit me physically and mentally and I was tired of feeling uncomfortable in my clothes. Once I met Ania and she started me on a weekly program, I knew I was in the right hands.
I found Ania’s quiet, confident style refreshing, her experience and encouragement of me endless and because of this I looked forward to our weekly personal training session together. Ania provided me with exercises and work out routines to do in my own time which were interesting as well as challenging and she made sure she changed them every 4-6 weeks to ensure I didn’t get bored.
I saw myself progressing week on week in our one-to-one sessions, I was able to go from holding a plank for no more than 30 seconds to being able to hold for well over a minute, I could run continuously for 40 minutes even longer and I felt stronger and fitter.
As a result, I cannot imagine not exercising at least 4 times a week now, I lost 5% off my waist line in 4 months and I have now know what do when I am handed a bosu and a set of hand weights!
Thank you to Ania, I really appreciate all the time she spent with me, I am so much happier in myself as a result.

Lexie Bate

Ania is a brilliant trainer – after just a few sessions I was beginning to tone in all the right places for a woman. She is sensitive to your personal objectives and adapts the workouts accordingly. Ania kept me working hard but the sessions were balanced with a bit of chat and laughter. Her attention made a great difference to my shape and wellbeing and I so enjoyed her sessions that I kept going for years.