Beyond The Scale

A 12 – week 1:1 transformational program for the woman who wants to feel happy and confident in her mind and body.

What is included in this journey to heal your mind and body:

  • NLP Breakthrough Sessions to remove negative emotions and limiting beliefs – you will learn how to navigate hardships in life without relying on food or alcohol

  • Timeline therapy to heal inner child trauma

  • Values elicitation and understanding the importance of living a life aligned with them

  • Creating powerful rituals and healthy boundaries

  • Voxer support from Monday to Friday to help you stay accountable

  • Virtual Personal Training and Personalized Exercise Plan delivered in a special app tailored to your fitness level to help you appreciate and love your body again

You will leave this program understanding yourself, your purpose and your power!

You will feel happy and confident without worrying about your weight and looking after your mind and body will become natural for you!




Looking to create sustainable healthy habits but can’t stay consistent?

It’s time to stop wasting your time and money on another ”Get 6 – pack in 30 days” program or quick fix diet and change your mindset to look after your body from the place of self-love!

Is this you?

  • Being either on a diet or binging on food uncontrollably?

  • Planning to start exercising but not knowing how or giving up after a few weeks?

  • Knowing you should look after your health but not having time to fill your cup?

What if you could be part of a community where you’ll get your desired health and body and get access to workout videos and mindset tools to keep you motivated and make healthy habits easy?