Mind and Body Liberation



6 months 1:1 program for the woman who wants to break free from her mind and body limitations!

No more diets

No more people – pleasing

No more looking for external validation


You are already good enough and now it’s your time to claim it!

Mind liberation

    Nlp breakthrough sessions to remove negative emotions and limiting beliefs – you will learn how to navigate hardships in life without relying on food or alcohol



    timeline therapy to heal inner child trauma



    finding compassion for yourself, learning to love yourself again and knowing that your worth has nothing to do with your weight

    body liberation




    1:1 personal training sessions once per week and personalised exercise programs delivered in a special app and changed every month for the days we will not train together.

    total body strength training, cardio and flexibility.



    Voxer support from Monday to Friday to keep you accountable.



    Healing your relationship with food so you don’t see it as ”bad” or ”good”, but as fuel.


    Getting to the root cause of binge and emotional eating. You will learn that there is no food off limit but you will also be able to choose nourishing food most of the time.