mindful fitness – a journey to a healthy body and self – love

It’s time to use the power of exercise in our favour and see it as a celebration of our bodies’ capabilities, not a chore!

You don’t need to leave your home to participate! You will only need a mat and a set of dumbbells (anything between 2 – 5 kg)

Let’s make self-care a priority and invest 45 minutes in an activity that your future self will be grateful for!

Are you ready to embrace a fitness journey that nourishes your body, mind, and soul?

For far too long we were conditioned to see exercise as a means to an end – a desperate attempt to achieve an unattainable ideal.

The focus was always on making our bodies smaller as if our worth could be measured by the numbers on a scale.

But now, it’s time to rewrite the narrative!

It’s time to reclaim our bodies, minds, and self-worth!

Exercise is not about shrinking ourselves, but expanding our potential and creating long-lasting health, confidence and happiness.

Through movement, we give our bodies the attention they deserve. It’s not about conforming to external ideals, but about taking care of our only place to live.

Join me on this journey of self-love through exercise and start becoming a confident, happy person, at peace with yourself!


Check the timetables below and secure your spot for only £12 per class!


what is mindful fitness?

I combine dynamic workouts with mindset and self-love work to create an experience that will help you appreciate your body more and will show you what it’s capable of.

I understand that achieving a strong, lean, and healthy body is important, but I also know that true happiness comes from nurturing a positive relationship with ourselves.

In my classes, movement is a celebration of what your body can do.

You will leave them feeling proud of yourself and full of energy!


my story

I used to struggle with yoyo dieting, body image issues, and a distorted view of exercise.

For years, I saw working out as a means to burn calories, a punishment for my “bad” habits.

Now, I see exercise as a potent force that can optimize my health and happiness, and create the life and body I truly desired.

I let go of the obsession with numbers and focused on how exercise made me feel mentally and physically.

I am in a much better mood after exercise and I love the sense of accomplishment that comes with every workout.

I learned to listen to my body’s needs.

I replaced negative self-talk with self-compassion, love and kindness.

Today, you can join me on this journey to create the body you desire and truly deserve and a life that is filled with joy and happiness.

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